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White Ducks / Return to Innocence
  • White Ducks / Return to Innocence

    SKU: DEKO.N.NNM.086_M

    Return to Innocence is the collection that brings back the memories of spring and early summer when the grass is green…. And we are just kids running as fast as we can through the wet grass. Do you remember those times? If not, these wallpapers will bring these images back for you. The images of the first spring stork in the sun, the wide blue-green lakes full of ducks in the summer, the meadows with cute little flowers or your grandma’s garden with magic roses. Just look, think, and bring this all back… And then pass these memories to your children.

    White ducks are Paulina’s, Dekornik’s co-owner, favourite stickers from this collection. She says they’re perfectly brightening the area over the cradle of her baby girl as well the whole’s room atmosphere.


    White Ducks are on the stencil measuring 78 cm x 40 cm

    • height of white ducks: from 34 cm to 39 cm
    • little ones: around 11 cm
    • height of indian runner ducks: 36 cm

    These wallstickers are perfect for all colours of the walls as they have no outline so they will look great on light or dark colours.

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