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Wallpaper Watercolour horses beige
  • Wallpaper Watercolour horses beige

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.411

    Wallpaper Watercolour horses beige

    Wallpaper with horses for the room of a girl who likes horse riding

    A wonderful horse wallpaper that is every little girl’s fulfilment –

    This wallpaper is a new painting, because you can’t say about it that it’s just a wallpaper, it’s a work of art, anyone who has ever tried to paint horses – knows perfectly well what a difficult task it is to transfer their beauty and character onto canvas – we can congratulate our talented illustrator.

    Another work of art by Kasia GS – we hope that the wallpaper in horses will be a beautiful decoration for the room of a young rider.
    The wallpaper in horses is the perfect accessory for any little lover of these beautiful animals.


    This wallpaper is not only a decoration, but also a tribute to the beauty of horses.

    The Wallpaper watercolour horses beige is divided into strips (brits):

    The price quoted is for one byte.

    • Height: 280 cm
    • Width: 100 cm

    The strips are suitable for any standard flat – we have a maximum drop of 20 cm per height.

    Colour of Wallpaper with horses beige: 

    The beige colour scheme of this wallpaper in horses will create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the room. We see it surrounded by beautiful old vintage-style furniture, next to a dark chest of drawers, but also juxtaposed with classic accessories… you can almost smell like you are in a saddle room.

    Wallpaper with horse heads shown in close-up – This wonderful work of art makes a room a place full of energy and joy, where new details can be discovered every day.

    With such decoration in horses, the room takes on an elegant character, after all, horses are very noble animals.
    Wallpaper in horses – for the young rider,

    If your daughter or son is a keen young rider, this horse decoration will be the perfect gift and accent to the room.

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