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Wallpaper Teddy Bears and flowers
  • Wallpaper Teddy Bears and flowers

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.414

    Teddy Bear Wallpaper: Teddy Bears and flowers

    Wallpaper for children in Teddy Bears: Teddy Bears and Flowers, created by the leading manufacturer of decorative products, Dekornik, is a beautiful decoration for a girl’s room, wonderfully childlike and innocent… The teddy bears on the wallpaper exude tranquility and magical character, while the surrounding roses add lightness, that is such a girlish charm.


    The wallpaper is divided into strips (brites):

    Height: 280 cm
    Width: 50 cm

    The listed price is for one byte.

    Wallpaper for the newborn’s room for the baby’s peaceful sleep

    This wallpaper in teddy bears and flowers is a delightful combination thanks to which we can recommend this pattern as a base for creating a fanciful and charming atmosphere in a little girl’s room, or for a newborn baby’s room.

    This wallpaper was carefully designed with the little ones in mind. That’s why the colors and images on the wallpaper are designed to soothe and calm the child… Especially recommended design for the room of the youngest children: newborns.

    This wallpaper in teddy bears, which is Dekornik’s own pattern, will help transform your child’s room into a delightful and fabulous land of children’s dreams and dreams.

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