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Wallpaper Old English Flowers
  • Wallpaper Old English Flowers

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.413

    Wallpaper Old English Flowers

    A wallpaper with flowers (wild roses) on a beige background, designed for a little girl’s room or a newborn, is an incredibly charming and delicate decoration that will bring a sense of subtlety and warmth to the child’s space.


    • Width: 50cm
    • Hight: 280 cm


    Wallpapers for childs room

    The beige background of this wallpaper serves as a calm and neutral base, perfect for creating a cozy environment. The rosebuds, scattered irregularly across the wallpaper surface, appear as gentle accents, introducing a touch of freshness and girlish charm into the room.

    The rosebuds themselves are in pastel shades, such as pink  giving the wallpaper a gentle character. These flowers adorn the wallpaper in soft clusters, creating a subtle pattern that doesn’t overwhelm but adds a sense of delicacy to the room.

    This wallpaper exudes sweetness and fits perfectly into the cozy atmosphere sought after in a child’s room.

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