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Wallpaper Dogs are The Best White
  • Wallpaper Dogs are The Best White

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.401

    Wallpaper Dogs are The Best White

    What have we got here! Four paws of a dog, four paws of a dog…. And even 14 dogs of many breeds, including mutts.

    Fantastic doggy wallpaper for little four-legged lovers. We have had requests for doggy wallpaper for over a year, and after many, many attempts, we have finally managed to draw our dream doggy wallpaper.

    The dogs measure from 10  to 25 cm.


    The wallpaper is divided into stripes:

    Heigh: 280 cm

    Width: 100 cm

    The price is for one stripe.

    In addition, the dogs on the Decorator’s wallpaper have their own names, some of which have been given by you: Mops – Bambik, Mongrel with a handkerchief – Vasco, German Shepherd – Rico, Dalmatian – Pongo, Little Mongrel – Coockie, Dachshund – Caramel, Spotted Mongrel – Chałka, Whippet – Moris, Poodle – Suzie, Spaniel – Amber, Jack Russel Terrier – Jacky, Bull Terrier – Boguś, Husky – Uno.

    Colours according to the variant of the wallpaper in dogs for the children’s room:

    White dog wallpaper – The background colour of the dog wallpaper is white. This is a children’s wallpaper to match light furniture – it will complement the aforementioned light pine or white perfectly. The stars on the dog wallpaper are there to make the decoration look nice behind the baby’s cot.

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