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Wallpaper Construction Beige
  • Wallpaper Construction Beige

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.396

    Wallpaper Construction Beige

    The perfect wallpaper for a little boy’s room, wallpaper in excavators, wallpaper in construction machinery is What we’ve been waiting for a very long time, and that’s because it’s not easy to meet the demands of a little boy.…

    How do you paint excavators, rollers and delivery trucks without it coming out too technical or kitschy? It took us six months, but we found a solution to paint the wallpaper in excavators.

    Note: If there are any mums here who have been holding off on the decision to install ‘excavator wallpaper’ in their son’s room for fear of a kitsch design. Then please put your insecurities and fears aside, because we present a solution that will please every little one, and won’t turn a blind eye for mums.

    Wallpaper in excavators – the perfect decoration for a little boy’s room 0-5 years.

    100 cm width

    280 high

    All machines range in size from 18 to 25 cm

    Our beautiful wallpaper in excavators is the dream of every little boy who can’t pass by any construction machine. And on hearing that they are doing road repairs in the neighbourhood, he won’t let it pass. He will jump up and down and beg to walk that way, because they are there – those excavators! The little “”Bob the Builder”” is also interested in other construction machines such as concrete mixers, dumpers, bulldozers, bulldozers and drilling machines.

    All of these vehicles can be found on our children’s wallpaper. Its design will make your child happy to play in his room, because the decoration in excavators will be the perfect background for the most interesting construction games!

    This blue colour on the wallpaper is subdued, delicate. It’s no baby blue, but a classic beautiful colour that will work wonderfully with yellow, honey or brown decorations, as well as the yellow colour that dominates the little builder’s toys.

    Wallpaper in excavators in a little boy’s room -.

    This wallpaper for little boys goes well with both modern furniture and classic furniture e.g.: from Ikea with a simple design. It is super versatile! At the same time, it evokes that expression on the boy’s face that we parents want to remember best.

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