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Simply Hearts 1 Cappuccino Pink
  • Simply Hearts 1 Cappuccino Pink

    SKU: DEKO.N.Z69.028

    These wallstickers are enough to make the room a true fairytale.

    32 pieces applied on one wall in the room – for example over the bed – will change the atmosphere of the space. It will make it more cozy and warm.

    • Hearts with irregular shape are put on the stencil 30 x 50 cm
    • One piece is 6,5 cm high
    • There are 32 pieces on each stencil
    • Colour range extends from cappuccino brown through salmon to delicate pink

    Application is as simple as it should be. Just peel off each heart and place it gently on the wall. It also should be easy to peel off from the wall although it always depends on the paints, sun exposure and structure of the wall you have.

    Have fun!

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