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Safe Plywood Dollhouse!
  • Safe Plywood Dollhouse!

    SKU: DEKO.WOOD.014

    This is our hit, which has already gone to several rooms BEFORE entering the store!

    DOLL HOUSE a large, solid piece of furniture, which will take 10 minutes to assemble and will not expose your child to any danger. You do not need a hammer, screws, wrenches or glue! This house does not contain any ‘risky’ elements – it consists only of elements made of plywood painted with ecological varnish.

    The house is large, because the construction wall (internal, main) is 67 cm x 63 cm. The side walls have dimensions of 40 cm x 57 cm. The horizontal shelves are 20 cm deep, and the door in the walls is about 19 cm high.


    height: 63 cm

    width: 67 cm

    depth: 40 cm

    The dimensions of the house are tailored specifically to the most common doll furniture (e.g. from Flying Tiger or Lidl), Janod toys or small Maileg mice, as well as the recently popular Sylvanian Families. We also have information from the happy owners of our house that it is great as a garage for cars or… a base for transformers!

    The house is two-sided, on both sides of the main wall we have two floors and four play rooms. Together, it gives us eight rooms to arrange!

    However, the most wonderful element of our house is the… suitcase function! At the top of the house you will notice a notch with a hole. It’s a handle for a parent. It serves to raise the house without damaging it and spoiling the fun! You can safely put the playhouse in the middle of the room during play, and when it is time to sleep, you just grab the handle at the top and safely move the house against the wall so that it does not take up space in the room. You no longer have to stretch your arms and cover the entire structure, wanting to move the toy.  Now you can move it safely in a few seconds … and clean the room!

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