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Meadow Colour Wallsticker
  • Meadow Colour Wallsticker

    An ideal proposition for big and small girls.

    Black and white wallsticker Meadow is probably our favorite novelty.
    We have considered at this pattern (because it is not drawn by us) for several months. We bought the rights and first used it on our window films. However, we quickly realized that such a meadow is a perfect pattern for a bed sticker. Not only because the pattern is universal,  but it will also make even the winter days (and  we have many of these in Poland) less bothering.

    Like we mentioned, due to the colors, the wallsticker is universal, it does not overwhelm the interior of the room, but only complements the decor. Our favorite.

    In addition to this cover, we also have a black and white version, which was the first meadow we introduced to our offer. There were so many inquiries about the color version that we decided to quickly supplement the offer with a MEADOW IN COLOR.

    P.S. Our wonderful photos come from wonderful rooms, from wonderful mothers, from wonderful Instagram profiles: @lasosfera, @jjstrawberrylife, @kasiags


    Size S:

    • 120 cm wide
    • 73 cm high

    Size L:

    • 133 cm wide
    • 95 cm high

    Please, note! The pattern has a border of about 1.5 cm above which it is cut out. It is printed on white foil which is why this wallsticker looks best on a white wall. The sticker has a cold white tint.

      ΤιμήΑπό 70,00 €
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