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Maya Stripes Brown Beige Wallpaper
  • Maya Stripes Brown Beige Wallpaper

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.415

    Maya Stripes Brown Beige Wallpaper

    A cherry-striped wallpaper to add flavour and character to your walls. A new pattern inspired by our favourite infleuncer and actress – Maja Bohosiewicz!
    Bring a stylish look to your child’s room with Maja’s cherry brown and cream striped wallpaper from Dekornik!

    Who said walls have to be boring? May’s striped wallpaper will liven up any room, especially when paired with matching furniture! You’ll love it for this fun yet versatile pattern. These Thin Stripes in beige and cherry brown create a subtle and elegant combination that has a soothing effect on the senses. The spacing between the stripes is just right, allowing for a beautiful balance between simplicity and sophistication.

    The Stripes May wallpaper … is a shot in 10, because whether you choose the cosy atmosphere of a holiday cottage or the elegant look of an urban loft or maybe a royal look it will fit right in. Stripes Mai is non-committal, both in style and age and can be adapted to suit everyone!


    The wallpaper is divided into strips (brites):

    Height: 280 cm
    Width: 50 cm

    The listed price is for one byte.

      51,00 €Τιμή
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