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Wallpaper Dogs are The Best Blue
  • Wallpaper Dogs are The Best Blue

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.399

    Wallpaper Dogs are The Best Blue

    What have we got here! Four paws of a dog, four paws of a dog…. And even 14 dogs of many breeds, including mutts.

    Fantastic doggy wallpaper for little four-legged lovers. We have had requests for doggy wallpaper for over a year, and after many, many attempts, we have finally managed to draw our dream doggy wallpaper.


    The wallpaper is divided into stripes:

    Heigh: 280 cm

    Width: 100 cm

    The dogs measure from 10cm to 26 cm Vasco  

    The price is for one stripe.

    In addition, the dogs on the Decorator’s wallpaper have their own names, some of which have been given by you: Mops – Bambik, Mongrel with a handkerchief – Vasco, German Shepherd – Rico, Dalmatian – Pongo, Little Mongrel – Coockie, Dachshund – Caramel, Spotted Mongrel – Chałka, Whippet – Moris, Poodle – Suzie, Spaniel – Amber, Jack Russel Terrier – Jacky, Bull Terrier – Boguś, Husky – Uno.

    Colours according to the variant of the wallpaper in dogs for the children’s room:

    Blue wallpaper in dogs – the background colour of the decorative wallpaper in dogs is a subdued blue. It is a nice shade that is neither too bright nor too grey. It certainly won’t darken the room. ”

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