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Theatre Retro! Toy And Bookstand In One.
  • Theatre Retro! Toy And Bookstand In One.

    SKU: DEKO.WOOD.007

    The idea for the stands began with the Fantasy Theaters we introduced a year ago. Kasia from Dekornik came up with the idea of this toy when she noticed a theater-booth at one of the exhibitions in Palermo where children would play with it. Being completely charmed by the stand, she felt she had to make one herself (but a better one) for Dekornik.

    We have been thinking for a long time how to create a toy that is functional, yet nice and easy to use! The one that will not become boring after the first couple of hours of playing and will be multifunctional as well. That is why our stand is also … A BOOKSTAND!

    And so, after more than half a year of preparations and prototypes, together with our carpenter Mr Henry, we managed to create a true miracle! Just LOOK at all the pictures.

    On one hand, it serves as a toy and stand, and on the other it can be a bookstand. All you have to do is insert an additional shelf (included in the set) and … transform the whole toy. Et voila! A toy becomes furniture!


    • The whole set after putting all the pieces together is 80 cm x 135 cm.
    • Shelves are 9 cm depth and base is 45 cm depth.
    • Set weighs over 6 kg.
      149,00 €Τιμή
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