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Portofino Stripes Pink Wallpaper

Portofino Stripes Pink Wallpaper


Portofino Stripes Pink Wallpaper

A great wallpaper for a girl’s room for years to come. Your little princess may be 6 months as well as 6 years old, but this girly wallpaper pattern will still fit!

Our striped wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a gallery of photos, posters in a child’s room. This wallpaper does not overshadow the other decorations in the room, so you can go wild with them here!

The merit of this wallpaper’s unobtrusive motif is its delicate pattern and subtle colours, which perfectly match the décor of a child’s room. This wallpaper for a girl’s room is a hit and a choice for years to come! Check it out for yourself!

The wallpaper is divided into stripes:

Height: 280 cm

Width:  100 cm

The price is for one stripe.

These stripes will fit every standard flat as there is that extra 20 cm of length so that you can cut to the height of your wall. Ordering wallpapers in stripes is faster and simpler. Just measure the wall and order the number of stripes that you need.

You won’t need extended professional consultations anymore. Here you can’t go wrong. The wallpaper stripes guarantee that the wallpaper will fit almost perfectly to the width of the wall. What’s more, the repetitive pattern, where each of the stripes looks identical, allows the pattern elements to flawlessly arrange on the wall once we glue the wallpaper starting from the ceiling. Thanks to this, there is very little surplus material.

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